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So it begins….

Today, I graduated from being “just” a father, to being a Dad. Willow Anne Hartman joined us at 12:58 this afternoon, and of course, she’s perfect in every way.

I’ll have more photos up later, once I’ve gotten over the initial “fwoosh” of it all and put a proper gallery together. Until then, a little story.

Several weeks (or was it months?) ago I was chatting with my friend Mike and I mentioned that we had decided on Willow Anne if she ended up being a girl and his response was, “Man, you guys are such hippies.”, which I took as a compliment, though I’m not sure he meant it that way. Shortly after that, Liz was telling some of her (now former) students the names we had chosen and they said, “Oh, thank goodness you didn’t pick some weird hippie name.”

For some reason I’ve been examining that juxtaposition of perspectives a lot today…

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