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IP Protectionism At Its Finest

Arghhh. Rant time. So, I got my media room all wired, and everything is awesome. It looks beautiful. I promise I’ll get pics up soon. The project included moving the PS3 over to my desk so I can hook it up to my monitor if I want, but it is still primarily connected to the TV via an HDMI cable running through the attic. BUT, the TV won’t pass 5.1 audio it gets via HDMI to the optical digital out, it downmixes it to stereo. It will only output 5.1 that it gets via cable or over the air.

The best part is that this little anti-feature of the “Dolby-digital optical out” on this TV isn’t documented anywhere, except in a FAQ buried on Samsung’s website, which you cannot find using their own search engine, only Google knows how to get there. If I want 5.1 from the PS3, I have to go back into the attic and run a TOSLINK cable, or buy a new receiver that speaks HDMI and totally rearrange things.

Thanks DMCA / HDCP! Isn’t our ownership society wonderful? I know it’s improved MY life by forcing manufacturers of consumer electronics to cripple the things I buy. I rest easy knowing my substantial inconvenience has helped prevent the “pirates” from getting unlocked copies Megamind with surround-sound intact out onto the Internet. Oh wait, THAT’S NOT TRUE! My substantial inconvenience has achieved absolutely nothing! Hooray! *Goes away muttering….*

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