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Lots of PBR tonight!

No, no, not that cheap beer that all the hipsters are into. Peas, blueberries, and raspberries! Liz is out of town for another Waldorf conference, so it’s fallen to me to keep up with the garden. Mercifully the strawberries have fallen off, but I’ve still been shirking my duties. Tonight I brought in 1 lb 12 oz of blueberries, 9 ounces of snow peas, and 1 lb 1 oz of shelled sweet peas. The raspberries a still babies and a bit sickly still, so they are bearing just a few berries, not enough to weigh. They were tasty though.


These sad berries were not long for this world...

As I sat at the dining table shelling peas while I listened to Tool (and other rockin’ tunes) I got to wondering if the peas were worth all the effort ( and also how many people have shelled peas to Tool…). I mean, they’re good and all, but are they that good? After I blanched them but before I stuck them in the freezer I grabbed a handful. Oh man. And then another handful. Oh yeah, it’s worth it. Once they’ve been blanched to bring out their sweetness a little, they are that good. Like, approaching corn-on-the-cob good. Coming from me, that’s high praise.

I also took some arty photos of the harvest, in keeping with one of my four-week challenges I’ve laid out for myself. Thus I give you the official beginning of the Still Life With Harvest series:

Still Life With Harvest 2

Still Life With Harvest 1

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