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I work for the Queen

Ever since we got the bees I’ve been wanting to build a better stand for the hive. Something that would let us use the varroa board we have and have a smaller attack surface to defend from ants. Something that looks nicer that some cinder blocks and an old concrete valve box. What I came up with is this:

Hive Stand

I mortised the legs for the cross members so I could make the stance of the stand as wide as possible and add a little strength. The horizontal piece that runs down the center of the top is there to support our varroa board, or whatever other tray we may need to slide under the hive. The holes in the long sides were something of a last-minute idea. Liz is at a Waldorf conference in Atlanta this week, and she is attending some bee keeping classes there. They demoed some tools, one of which was a contraption that allows you to more easily move hives by temporarily clamping handles onto them. I was thinking about that and decided to add the holes for running a 1″ dowel (or pipe, or broomhandle, or whatever) through, providing handles on each side of the hive when you need to move it. Not sure how well it works, but it was easy enough to add now, and doing something like that later would be tough. We’re likely to need to move the hive in the near future, even if only temporarily so I can install a window in the shed. We’ll see how my idea works then.

And here it is with the hive installed:

Looks pretty good if I do say so myself! If there is any interest, I will draw up some plans and post them. I think the next revision will integrate the bottom board into the stand itself, hopefully providing even more stability and a more polished look.

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  1. David Hartman says

    Dear Quintin, I’m quite in awe of you folks, figuring out the simple and natural way of life. I thinks it’s great how far you have come with gardening and beekeeping. I mentored a fellow about your age in beekeeping. He has built all of his own equipment including his smoker and he started with two packaged swarms this spring. I also started two packages. His are twice as far along as mine. And I can see that you are innovative as well. I like what you are doing with your hive stand. Watching you young guys keep bees encourages me to stay with it. I’ve become discouraged with all the medicating, losing queens and low honey production. I’ve thought of retiring from it, but I love to see you guys get excited and be so innovative with it. Loved what you guys are doing. David Hartman

    • q says

      Thanks David! Pauline mentioned to me that you still keep bees, and I meant to drop you a line about it. One of my most vivid young memories is having fresh honey comb over ice cream at your house. I don’t know if it actually happened this way, but I remember having the impression that the hives were just outside the house and you had harvested the comb just a little while prior to our enjoying it. I’ve no doubt that that experience was at least partially responsible for my interest in keeping bees now.