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Movie Slump

So, we’ve finally gotten on the ball with this whole Netflix thing and started turning our movies around in a timely manner. This week we saw Mission Impossible 2 and Birth. MI2 was freaking terrible. It basically managed to skirt the line just above “utterly unwatchable” for pretty much the whole movie. If it hadn’t been for the hope that John Woo would do something cool, I would have turned it off halfway through.

Birth wasn’t too great either. It has a cool premise, but it was overly arty and self-important, and Nicole Kidman’s character wasn’t very sympathetic. Rather than feeling bad for her or caring about her, I was just dumbfounded by how quickly an apparently stable and intelligent person could break so completely. It was well acted, and well shot, but something prevented me from being to suspend disbelief well enough to care. Maybe it was the overly long close ups on the character’s faces while they subtly battled with some internal conflict. I dunno, it left me decidedly “meh…”.

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  1. Michael says

    as terrible as MI2 was, and i very much agree, MI3 was something special. Very surprising. JJ Abrams is something of a genius.