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On the Tyranny of Random Numbers

Or, “How My Phone Gave me an Existential Gut Punch When I Needed it Most”.

On my way into work this morning, listening to tunes on random, my phone treated me to this little gem:

Which is a great song, if you don’t know it. Very clearly though, my phone is saying, “You remember what awful stewards of the Earth and one another people have become, right? Humanity is squandering it’s legacy, and you have a responsibility to help correct that. Checking out like you have the last few weeks isn’t really OK long term.”. Damn, phone, why you gotta go there? It’s still early.

A couple songs later, I get:

Also great. Also says, “By the way, there’s a tremendous amount of human potential that we’re never going to reach if we don’t stop screwing up.”. Dude, why gotta make me cry like that?

Figuring I was through the worst of I jammed along to next song only to be soon hit by:

Oh sure, and I no longer live in the place I feel most at home. Phone says, “Let me poke at the sore spot that reminds you of how much you want to be there.”.

So, after an unusually emotionally intense drive in to the office, I’ve renewed resolve to get back in it.

Thanks phone. I think.

And a closing thought: Individual wealth is not a measure of societal success, and yet that is the measure our leaders seem to judge by, or at least be optimizing for.

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Review Wednesday: Ghostbusters (2016)

What’s this? A post? Surely not! So what if it’s been five years! The silence must end! And so I give you my review of Ghostbusters (2016). No real spoilers below, but if you subscribe to the “empty mind” school of movie viewing, best to stop reading now.


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Technology Peeves: Android Edition

So, I missed doing a proper review this week. I have a couple in the pipe though, so next week should be back on track. I also may have another guest post coming in from Mike. Instead, this week I want to talk about two of my current biggest technology peeves on my Android phone. If you do any Android gaming at all, they are likely ones you are familiar with. Continued…

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Review Wednesday: Community

Today we have a guest post from my friend Mike. He usually puts stuff up at Mike Sucks at Writing, but he graciously decided to do a Wednesday Review over here this week. Thanks Mike!

I consume nearly all of my TV via DVD or internet streaming services like Netflix and Hulu Plus. This means that when my wife and i sit down to watch something, we generally do so in large chunks, sometimes as much as four or five hours at a stretch. We’ve done this with Battlestar Galactica, Warehouse 13, Eureka, Torchwood, Doctor Who, etc etc. I think this affords a unique view on a medium that is meant to be consumed one piece at a time with a week or more in between, and i’ve decided to try and capture some of the observations that arise from that view.

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Review Wednesday: Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town

Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town.Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town (shortened to just Someone  from here on out) is the first fiction by Cory Doctorow that I have read. It is a bizarre story about a man who is often called Alan, though that’s not his name, who is the son of a mountain and washing machine. If that sounds odd to you, that’s ok, it is odd. And that’s only the beginning. In fact, Cory himself calls the book his “weirdest book by far“. It also, however, is a lot of fun.


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Movie Review: The Ward

The Ward PosterI’ve been on a bit of a horror kick lately. The Ward caught my eye, mostly because it’s from John Carpenter. I enjoy most of his work, and he’s one of my go-to directors for a good scare. It is also set in North Bend, Oregon, and I have a major soft spot for movies set in my home state, especially obscure little towns like North Bend. With those two things going for it, I couldn’t resist. Continued…

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And the Ubuntu Replacement is…

As I previously posted, I am unhappy with the direction that Ubuntu is headed in terms of quality control in their recent releases, nor do I like Unity. It seems like a poor choice for a desktop UI, and in its current state it’s essentially useless to me. The lack of reasonable support for multi-monitor setups makes it a non-starter. Add to that the fact that my upgrade to 11.10 on my work machine went fairly poorly, and I had had enough. So, I looked at Mint and Fedora as possible replacements. This is what I found. Continued…

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Book Review: Burn

Burn Cover

I just finished reading “Burn” by James Patrick Kelly. He’s apparently a fairly well known Sci-Fi author, but I’m not familiar with his work. It’s a quick read since it’s fairly short, a novella really rather than a novel. It follows Spur, a firefighter living on the idyllic planet Walden. Continued…

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More on the real cost of food

This is another response to the ongoing thread over here. The author (MMM) revised his response pretty heavily while I was writing this, so what I wrote is now less a direct response to his writing, and more of an essay of its’ own. Continued…

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“Red State” Not What I Expected

Red State CoverSo, I watched “Red State” last night, Kevin Smith’s latest work. It came up in the “horror” genre on Netflix. Based on the cover and the synopsis, that made sense. I generally keep myself willfully ignorant of movies before watching them, so I went into it fairly cold with only this tiny bit of information to guide me. Being both a horror and Kevin Smith fan I gave it a go. It’s not at all what I expected. “Horrific”, yes. “Horror”, no. Continued…

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